Management member

Osaka headquarters

Express bus team

  • His interests are work - his motorcycle - traveling - tokusatsu - marriage - movies - gourmet foods and his new wife.

  • Our sunny motherly newbie with a contagious smile and energy. Her sense for photography is world class!

  • Fixin' to talk like a real Osakan! She's really considerate of others, and she's like the little sister to everyone at WBF Online.

  • An athletic youth who can be found playing futsal twice a week. Also rather cute, so much so that he regularly gets mistaken for a girl.

  • A cheerful girl, but with a meticulous dedication to her work. Loves noodles of all sorts and flavors.

  • With piercing eyes and a husky voice, she is a career woman crossed with a super mother, that anyone can depend on.

Car rental team

  • Our reliable old-timer who's always worried about something or another. He has a smoke out on the balcony every day.

  • For such a soft face, he's got an unexpectedly strong backbone - he really has it together. He's nice to others but strict with himself.

Airline tickets team

  • Proud to be the employee with the most knowledge of the airline ticket world. Works hard during office hours, but as soon as the clock strikes seven he likes to enjoy a drink or four.

Inbound team

  • First, he's shy; second, he has a sweet tooth; third and fourth there's his language ability; and fifth, he's got the most super refreshing personality of our company!

  • A powerful lady from Taiwan! She's an inspiration who can speak in an Osakan accent without a single slip~

  • Reliable and always keeps the office clean. She's a wide eyed beauty!

  • Her radiant smile brigthens up the office. She loves Japan, but occasionally gets homesick too. Prefers being the company of others to being on her own.

IT team

  • His best features are that he's honest and diligent. He's also a lightweight, so he's off to the Land of Dreams after two glasses.

  • Upbeat as a California girl, as well as thoroughly Japanese in her thoughtfulness towards others, she brings the best of two very different worlds.

  • Meticulous when it comes to image quality, not even a single stray pixel will pass unchecked. He is polite, very sincere and enjoys helping others. Definitely prefers print to digital. Loves camera and gadgets.

  • A Thai speaking man eater.Spends her spare time at the temple meditating.

Regional content creation team

  • Okinawa Labo's editor-in-chief whose word choice is always spectacular. She's a charming personality who's great at picking up new information.

  • She wakes up at 4 am everyday, so she heads to Dreamworld at 9pm every night... she's a perfect quirky girl from Aoyama!

Life tour team

  • Not only has he had a career in the travel industry spanning 45 years, including a spout as a tour guide, he has also managed to visit every prefecture in Japan. A well connected veteran you can count on if you are ever in need.

  • With 38 years of industry experience, he is a specialist when it comes to Hokkaido and Japan Airlines. At first glance he may look like a softy, but he is a real man's man.

  • The office beauty and all around superwoman. A mother of one who loves Okinawa and Hawaii. Works hard both as a mum and in the office.

Event promotion team

  • Loves baseball and Hero. He is a fashionable glasses wearing (young?) champion of justice.

  • Wishes nothing but the best for other people, an empath by all means.

Ginza branch

Optional tour team

  • Our Tabi One leader is a reliable and considerate old-timer who's just bursting with vitality. Her voice carries really well.

  • Find her in our Ginza office! A sharp mind behind a cute face. It's really cute when she spaces out sometimes!

  • This international character is fluent in three languages and always has energy to spare! Constantly taking pictures, she has a staggering number of smartphone photos.

  • Her common sense and rate of work are world class! She's a calming supermom who works hard to balance her family affairs in Nagasaki and her work.

  • A beautiful madame with a varied career, including a long list of skills and interests. She has the highest Pokemon Go level in the company~

  • Smooth and high-octane, this amenable newcomer has already made quite an impact on the work floor!

Diving team

  • Former diving instructor with over 20 years of experience. Only truly happy when in or around the sea.

  • From planning tours to telephone reception, there is nothing this working mother can't handle. Every day until 6pm she exemplifies dedication to the job.

  • This up-and-coming diving team member is a former swimming coach and a certified teacher. An all-round athlete with a knack for baseball and snowboarding too.

Life tour team

  • A playful yet dependable leader. Thoughtful of the needs and wishes of his subordinates, he won the vote for "most popular manager" at a recent company event.

  • An authority on air travel, but his favorite vehicles are actually trains. A caring father figure who always looks after his coworkers.

  • His love for the island of Amami Oshima is second to none. An expert on the islands off the coast of Kagoshima. No matter how peculiar the inquiry, he can handle it!

  • Group travel is his forte! Owing to the finesse of his customer services, he has a large following of travellers who rely on his guidance year after year. A dependable veteran known for his attentiveness!

  • An outgoing girl with a diver's license. A blast to be with; whether during work, or when having a few drinks afterwards!

Sapporo branch

  • A beloved character who loves sweets and music. He supports the team with his incredible knowledge.

  • She's a reliable born-and-raised Hokkaido woman who always completes her work with a smile~ She went to college in Beijing, and spends her days off at the Sapporo Dome!

  • Listening to her friendly phone conversations is always really soothing. Not only is she nice to everyone, she's got both beauty and brains.

Life tour team

  • Normally mild-mannered, but watch out for his alter-ego after a drink or two! Lately he has been hitting the gym in a bid to hone his "slender-macho" profile.

Okinawa Office

  • Gets mistaken for a Thai or a Filipino even if he comes to Kariyushi?! A Big Brother that has come to Okinawa, kind and loved by everyone.